Upgrading Your Electrical Panel?

There are a number of great reasons to upgrade the electrical panel in your home. First off, your home’s electrical panel is the core of your electrical system and your link to the outside electrical grid. Whether your electrical wiring is old, malfunctioning, or you have added additional sources for use of electricity. Whatever the case may be, our electrical team has the experience and knowledge it takes to provide you with superior workmanship and professionalism throughout the process. From quoting to cleaning up the mess, our #1 business goal is to make each and every customer glad they chose Wired Energy! Always remember to only trust a licensed and insured electrician to perform electrical work to your home. 

Replacing an old FPE Panel?

You might have put off a service panel upgrade for years, but now that the time is here and you have the opportunity to replace that old panel, you need to make sure that you do not use just any contractor for the job. Wired Energy works with you to ensure that the end results are exactly what they should be. Because the panel is old, you may need additional wiring ran to supply your home with the proper electricity. Our company will take a complete look at what you currently and determine the best course of action.