Wiring Disconnect for Demolition

One of the most important tasks, before the demolition of a building or home, is to disconnect the utilities and services being ran to and from the establishment. This includes things like electricity, gas, water supply and drainage. Electricity, in particular, poses a serious safety risk if still active when demolition takes place. Alone from the risk of someone cutting through a live wire while demolishing an establishment, there is also a risk of affecting neighboring homes if the electrical is not properly disconnected. These potential risks are far too serious to look over during the preparation of a demolition.

Before starting any demolition work, please take the time to hire a licensed electrician to ensure all electrical features have been properly disconnected and that the supply cables and metering equipment have been properly removed.

Wiring Metal Shop

Wiring Metal Shop

A separate panel was installed in this metal shop.

Complete wiring layout and installation completed in __ Days